This mod is an edit of a mod called “SCHUITEMAKER RAPIDE 8400”.
All I’ve done is change a few values and some texts in the codes to make it (not for all people) more fun in a certain way.

Here is all the things I’ve done:
– Changed a few texts in the mod’s descriptions
– Changed buying price from 78’000 to 75’000
– Changed capacity (without extension) to 10’000’000 litres
– Changed capacity (with extention) to 100’000’000 litres
– Changed price of extension from 3’500 to 0
– Added author (in addition to the original authors): Velocity DK

QUICK NOTE: I am brand new in the modding community, so if you could keep your mean comments to yourself, it would mean the absolute world to me.

I hope you guys will somewhat enjoy it!

Credits: Original Creators: Giants Softwares, BDBSSB & NcRaiders

Mod Editor: Velocity DK

Download (file size = 7 MB)

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