Hello Everybody!
I created a communal pack of Skoda Liaz 706 (truck + salt spreader + dumper part).
It has FS19 UDIM texture system. You can change the color of the cabin, the chassis and the dumper.
You can change a lot of variations of the kabin, too.

I think it is a very realistic mod of this retro truck, and I hope you will love that. But it has a pair of error, that I would like to fix. If you are ambitious you can help me, or you can solve the errors, you can develope the mod if you want. I give you permission to continue this great mod, but please inform me if you want to develope it (pastig@freemail.hu).
I hope we can make a very realistic Skoda Liaz 706 mod together! 🙂
Enjoy it!
Gabor Pasti

Credits: GaborPastiMOD

Download (file size = 88 MB)

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