Here’s the update to the Southern Minnesota map to make it how I originally wanted it
Pig barns are now placed where the empty lot on the edge of the map was
New houses with a sleep trigger at each farm
Some new sheds
New crop and dirt textures
Placeables are tied to the land so you must own the land to use them.

Credits: bhModding

FS19_Southern_Minnesota (file size = 807 MB)

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  • Roger La Haye

    Hi Great map, but would like to see the following items changed if you possibly can. I play the game most days and find some things frustrating. Please remove the big silos from farm area, also the following if you can please. Small trees need to be removed as cannot get rid of them, coop needs to made purchasable, shop needs to be marked clearly on map, sawmill needs to be added, ridges and all roads need to be flat so that smooth transition can be made without dropping or climbing up and down. More selling points needed with more crops of all kinds. If you can do all the above I will find the game play even better than it is now. Thanks for reading and I hope I have helped

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