Hey guys. After much deliberation, I present you here my Tiefenbach for download. Some will complain again why she is uploaded “unfinished” again. It’s just that I have no time for mapping and I can upload the map accordingly so that other mapper and players have their fun. The map is not running perfectly though.

Of course we have reached a certain degree of hype. Even if it does not meet your perfect expectations since many hours went to the map.

I wish you a lot of fun. Uploading the map on other forums is prohibited. To the LS Com I can only say that she has become really poor, not only the players but also Modder / Mapper. In the 13th, it simply did not interest anyone what was installed on a map and by whom. Today is rumgeheult at X objects. At some point there are only private mods and the rest of public mods comes from any poles sites etc.

If you’ve modified mapper since and the map or anything else and you want to upload, just write me on Instagram @ dopsemodding.closed.

Releases of Freaky are available as always.

Credits: DopseModding
Virtuelle Landwirtschaft by Freaky
Moritz Q.

Download (file size = 658 MB)

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