Since my little barrel for water supply my animals has a little too low priming volume, I have the original LS17 Garant Kotte TAS 30000 converted to a water tap.
Who knows how to do something – okay, but for all the gamers who are familiar with the subject of modding a little less or no desire to change who is this mod determines a good choice.

What has changed or improved?
1) Fruit Type converted to water.
2) Basic color changed – but which in the workshop menu can be changed of course.
3) purchase price decreased slightly.
4) maintenance costs reduced slightly.
5) Illuminated license plate code.

The Garant Kotte TAS 30000 can be found in the shop under the category Animals.
The mod has been tested Dedi in SP, MP and on and the log file is error-free.
And now I wish you as always a lot of fun with the mod.
Best wishes

Credits: Pandahma


fs17_garant_tsa_30000 (file size = 7 MB)

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