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Greetings today I can offer you the first German version of the map gifts of the Caucasus for download.
The authors of the map are S.W.I.K. Modding team: stasenko100, Neither, Igor29381 and Kovsh and I as supporter and translator.

We present you a map based on the territory in Russia the Caucasus.A picturesque terrain, varied terrain, land and sea, mountain and plain, complex and simple field shape. Unique scripts: dirt, fuel hose, trains and ships with features, animated animals, bucket wheel excavator.

On the map are many factories, three types of flour, bread, biscuits, beer, canned, condensed milk, sugar u.v.m.
At the broker’s office it is possible to buy additional fields and to acquire and / or improve real estate.
You have the choice, you can sell your products directly or you can process them to get better prices.
A new economic system that offers many possibilities.
A ranking system
Show you when which real estate is cheaper. It allows you to develop your business in many ways.
Before I write too much I give you the possibility to convince yourself of the card.
Important !!! All logos and brand names on the map are not advertising or propaganda, and only used for the interest and the realism of the game.
Enjoy the game.
What To Do On Failure: If you have any errors or something does not work – do the following first. Remove all type of mods from your mod folder. Insert only the map and the mods from the modpaket. Now start the game and load the savegame. If it works now – it means that the cause of the errors is not in the map. To index the error source Add your old mods to the Mod folder to check them.

Otherwise support cover letter: Support here
Features Of The Card
1) The map size has been increased. From 2 x 2 to 4×4
2) Cultures on the map: standard + rye, oats, sunflowers, onions, carrots.
3) ANIMALS: Standard + calves, pigs.
4) Fashion: display of manure and straw in the fields.
5) Prudockte sunflower oil, (preserved seeds), preserves, condensed milk, bread, biscuits, beer, sugar, concrete, wheat flour, rye flour (bran)
6) Production of beer and concrete – beer needs hops and barley – concrete cement sand gravel –
Bakery Wheat flour Rye flour Cornmeal sugar Condensed milk Sunflower oil = Bread and biscuits – Canned food Potatoes Cereal marmalade Zwibeln Sunflower oil = Canned food – Dairy sugar Milk = Condensed milk Packaged milk cereal mill Wheat rye Grain bran = Bran wheat flour Rye flour Cornmeal oil refining plant Sunflowers = Packed sunflower oil cake Sunflower oil – Sugar refinery Sugar beet = Sugar oil cake – furniture factory wood chipboard wood = furniture squared wood wood chipboard
7) The weight of all charges is different. For example, with a full trailer straw notice that the tractor has no problems. On the other hand a trailer full of gravel or sand it hardly bisgar not shank. In short, 10000 liters of straw is lighter than 10,000 liters of sand. Therefore, adjust your vehicles to the conditions.
8.) Gates of plants: If the plant in the working mode Is staying the gates Locked you should have bought them and no longer have any goods So with Should the gates oppose bar being also have All factories opening times which are from 8 to 18 This is very important!
9) Pallet function. You can load the load in the usual way or load with a wheel loader eg a corresponding pallet fork
10) Prices and lost equipment. You start your career with a small amount of equipment. On the map are items that can help you with your career, Hidden your find. Until then, they are not displayed either in the menu or elsewhere.
11) Bucket wheel excavator There is a nice animation with sounds. It promotes you sand and gravel which you will need for the production of concrete.
12) Once an installation or factory has been purchased, you will be billed daily for maintenance and money for operating hours on the day and night.
13) Stationary car wash system, with steam jet.
14) Resetting vehicles costs money: The calculation of the prices depends on the distance and weight of the equipment to be reset. Example: The average tractor on the farm with two kilometers cost 4-6000 euros. A building planner more expensive than normal doubled realism
15) Capacity in establishments is limited. It changes every day according to the random principle. .This is done to balance the economy. Sometimes (once / twice a day) an express message will arrive. If you are satisfied, you will receive about 20-30% more money for your delivered goods.
In case of non-fulfillment you will be charged a penalty. For part fulfillment a.

Credits: Script: Manuscript GT


KavkazJK (file size = 570 MB)

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  • paul sparkes

    How do you get the sand and gravel to work?
    I press R and it gives a selection option then nothing happens and I have to restart the game to try again.

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