Hello folks,

Today I give you all a mapping project that has taken me nearly two months to complete: Germantown.

This is a 4x map that is inspired by Bullgore and his MIG Map Region Celle from Farming Simulator 2013 and Farming Simulator 15. Only the field shapes, terrain, roads, hedges, and traffic splines are directly from his map, but everything else from the trees to the railroad to the starting fleet has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Now, here is what you will find on Germantown:
– a 4x map with all of the crops of the vanilla game(meaning 4 times the size in area of a default map)
– 145 fields ranging from 0.33ha to 62ha, totaling roughly 830ha (over 2000 acres), with vast amounts of forest/timber land
– 3 main farms with silos and plenty of space for placeables with sheep, pigs and cows at each, loads of extra flat spaces scattered throughout the map for placeables
– Biodiesel plant built in using Fabrik Script (gates open at 7:00 and close at 20:00); takes canola and produces fuel, forage, and digestate in a 40:40:20 ratio; fuel can be used in all vehicles, loaded into the fuel browsers, or sold to Schaible
– 12 sell points (including BGA, spinnery, biodiesel, etc.)
– Multiple silage silos, multiple silos that can be expanded
– dynamic traffic system (speeds range from 30km/h to 80km/h; WATCH OUT when you decided to travel slowly on the major roads)
– Seasons mod ready with custom seasonal temperatures built in
– A single rail line that circumnavigates the map with expanded train consist
– Gold nuggets

There are some mods that I would HIGHLY recommend if you decide to play this map by yourself and get anything done in a timely manner: Courseplay and/or AI Vehicle Extension. I would also recommend the Seasons Mod if you want a more realistic gameplay.

This is simply a first version that I have planned. I do plan to produce a second version that includes chopped straw, soil mod, or any other extras in the future, but that is for another time.

Credits: – leifege640
– Bullgore: base map, field layouts, signs, roads, hedges, traffic splines, Sugar Beet plant
– augwl: biodiesel plant
– Marhu and kevin98: Fabrik Script (used in biodiesel plant)
– Giants Software: houses, barns, assets from FS17, FS15, and FS13, sounds from FS17, FS15, FS13, and SRS12, and of course the game itself 😛
– Marhu: schweinemast buildings, cow and pig sounds
– teccer: farm sheds from his Farm Shed Pack
– SCS Software: for a couple of names of sell points


GermantownV1 (file size = 503 MB)

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