I have converted this model from FS15 to FS17. The truck works fine and has some fixes to do but it is useable.
– license plate change
– Fixed some coronas for the Strobes
I have added:

– Grill Strobes
– Back Strobes
– Beacon
I have changed:
– The back wheels position
– Removed the crane
– Replaced the welder
For the future:
– High pressure wasser
– Animated parts on the side

Credits: The base model: Reaper9111,
The base model: Tony G Couchman,
The base model: BigCoutry.
The base model: Rambow145.
Converted by: Thijs1239
Fixed Lights by: Thijs1239
Added Beacons by: Thijs1239
Fixed the wheels by: Thijs1239


GMCSierraServiceTruc (file size = 122 MB)

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    I go to try to purchase this vehicle in my store and I can’t get past the your vehicle is being purchased screen. Please fix as I would like to use this.

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