Welcome to the German Farming Company [GFC]
I ch sat down on it and have the standard map Goldcrest Valley rebuilt according to our expectations.

Short to me:
I am not a professional and do it all for fun in the joy, which is why times can sneak an error of course here and there. Check it after me or does it better !!!

To Map:
Grundstrucktur the Court revised:
Brought out Reset point of Vehicles for Hof
Bodestrucktur replaced with asphalt
Halle package installed by Lizard {beta} [MP without light]
Offset Hofsilo for more space
Second installed Silo potato, sugar, wood chips, straw, grass, hay and mixed rations on the farm
installed Hoftankstelle
Straw selling for space and optical offset (between field 14 and 15)
Optics and decorative works
Brought cowshed to the court (formerly section 19)
added former cowshed to the Field 26
Garaging the cow shed
[Must be revised nor] brought Fahrsilo the cowshed to the court {beta}
Brought sheep to the court (field between 12 and 14)
created new dirt road to the pigs
created new dirt road to BGA

The following mods are needed
Halle package GIANTS
Multi Storage Shed V1.0 of GTX Mods

These errors will already or still working:
There are 5 Warnings yet these go from the originals .gdm files but not the cause!
Furthermore, an error is vorhaden coming from my second bunker silo on the farm but there are two silos filled.
mfg GFC_Elo

Credits: By: GIANTS Software
Edited: GFC_Elo
Shed package: GIANTS Software
Multi Storage Shed: GTX Mods


gc_valley_gfc_1_0 (file size = 517 MB)

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