This is a standard goldcrest map with added extras. All animals are where they belong as i do believe driving between them is all part of the game.

Version 1.6
added bale storage at cow zone and mini BGA (old cow zone)
added wash plant at cow zone and mini BGA (old cow zone)
added shovel triggers at mini BGA’s so now can be filled with tractor bucket (shovel)
added water silo at tomato greenhouse zone and removed water fountain
added animated gate at tomato greenhouse zone and moved light switch to shed at the back (see pics)

added animated gate at cows so now can enter the cows field
added machine hall with lights at animal dealers
added silo grate and animated cover to cow silo at the cow zone
added animated doors to the sheep barn and moved the light switch to the left hand side (see pics)

new silo up near the cows fill types= silage,hay,straw,forage(TMR),grass,chaff,barley and sunflower
new sheds and woodchip store added
woodchip docking stations added
installed woodchip sales chippers
installed heating power plant on main far
installed a vehicle repair/customise shop on farm yard
installed 3 tomato greenhouses
installed 4 lettuce greenhouses
changed the default vehicles to better ones
updated map pda to suit the new additions
the map is sure to develop over time as new mods are available to install
have fun 🙂 and be sure to comment and rate pls
oh and the map has NO LOG ERRORS

moved the cow zone to near the main farm yard added more sheds with lights
added another farm silo near the cows for the cows that now takes woodchips too
farm silo up near the old cow zone now takes woodchips and standard fruits
old cow zone under construction added a silage silo for the time being till i decide what to use the site for
added animated lighting to all chipper zones
added animated lighting to the greenhouse areas
added new pig silo up near the pigs zone fill types pigfood/straw
added new signage to all silos as info for there fill types
added a mini BGA near the main farm
redesigned the old cow zone and added a mini BGA, storage bins and sheds with lighting

Credits: farmerads


unzip_me_goldcrest_valley_plus_p (file size = 802 MB)

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