This is the version of Puplic converted Goldcrest Valley like some you know from the streams of Gudns Community Server.

What has been done?
-The Kuhhof is now directly opposite the court, he was redesigned and provided with two smaller silo’s, a new clamp and a Keilsilo.
-The Pigsty was also placed closer to the court and completely refurbished, it is there also store the way cereals, all halls are functional and light.

The buildings on the farm are all Placeable and thus can be sold if you do not want there, and there is a small flat surface directly on the farm, if you still want to place something.
Fields have been expanded or built together for idial for corn shredding
-Silageberg Was installed on the BGA.
-All Trees were removed on the Map

Bauer the Map is Palu I have only a little converted.
ChoppedStraw was installed.
Your not actually need mods!
However, We recommend the Hall Packet of agricultural Team Franken

and ChoppedStraw Mod of webalizer

This is my first Modded Map. Therefore, if you fail you found I’m trying to fix this!

Credits: Urmap: GIANTS / Goldcrest by Palu
Mapumbau: Palu
Neuumbau: 98Marci
Farmtor: auwgl
Modell: Jasper & Vario
Textur: Jasper
Idee / Konzept: Jasper & Vario
Hallenpacket: Agrarteam Franken
Urmod:Blacksheep Modding
Silobarn: farmerads
Modell: Harrybo
Textur: Harrybo
Idee / Konzept: Harrybo
Modell: Katsuo
Textur: Katsuo
Ingame: Katsuo
Lichterpaket: Niggels
ChoppedStrawMod: webalizer


goldcrestvalleyby98marci (file size = 663 MB)

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