Version 3.0
1) Traunsteiner Silo Grasplane not so pointed (machined) Trigger from 1 to 0.4 reduced all silos, also on the court silo
2) Coordinates when visiting the dairy, sheep, cows, bakery, sawmill changed
3) Dirt area in the dirt area slightly reduced (dirt is no longer in the feeding troughs)
4) In the dairy path an i3d adapted thus troubleshooting in the Quarkproduktion
5) Güllelager and Gärrestelager installed Credits: kevink98
6) Jaw built in by MoriceSpencer

7) SVAPA Agrosign Pack 1.1 Credits: Caesus_Regno
8) Various small changes

New production chain installed: carton factory
Pallet factory
Strawberries, raspberries, currants production
Strawberry storage, raspberry storage, currant storage
Sugar factory

Herewith I want to put my converted Goldcrest Valley Map available.
Maybe find someone like on this Map. Since some space lacking on most maps (the main yard or farm) to countless placeable mods accommodate, I’ve even dealt with it the court to increase slightly. The animals are housed in the yard.
I am a beginner .Habt mercy. Just try and leave a response. Would be very nice of you.
Wishes Enjoy all!

Credits: xmcmarax


Goldcrest_Valley_XXLFarm_V3_entpacken (file size – 1,2 GB)

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