Update: -imrpvoed map wip areas
-silo etc moved
– better car pool (Please comment every feedback or askings)
(Im a bad fad modder… so… every mapmodder can help me to learn how to… I would really appreciate this. Thanks This is the 4140923451 mod of Gold Crest Valley, whats special?

Nothing… Only moved some threes made a second tree nursey, loghouse where oyu can live and added some stuff. Farm has moved (Screenshot) Silo is near the farm you should see it if you’re there. Loghouse and some trees for loggers.
Please notice: This mod has none moded scripts, cow,sheep,etc zones arent moved because
I am not competent enough for doing that. This mod has some error or warnings in the log I don’t know what to do.
Credits: Map: Zocker_mods Schranken pack: Forestry Objects: – (Baumstammtextur) Digital Display mod: Credits Blacky (Script) Nils23 (Objekt)
If I missed your mod Im sorry, please comment below so I can add your credits

Credits: Giants
Script: /
Idee / Konzept: Zockr_mods


goldcrest_valley_myV (file size = 841 MB)

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