v1.0.4: – fixed the conveyor belt in a network game. – Fixed completion of the lease of the plant in a network game.

– Added a message about the completion of the lease of the plant.
– Added unloading of fertilizers from fertilizer units and seeders to the warehouse at the base, to the service equipment and manually onto pallets.
– Fixed too high price for silage. – with the Seasons, winter and spring are a little warmer, so that the earth thaws faster.
– in all warehouses (bases, factories) correct display of stacks of timber and boxes. The visual filling of the warehouse boxes began from 60,000 liters, now from 12,000 liters.
– on the farm Kuznetsova, you can now fill the spreaders of liquid and thick manure.
– sale of bales of silage under a shed (Kuchnetsov’s farm) was sold (all the pitfalls and silos were removed) – various minor fixes (including houses with unilateral polygons).

Credits: Manuscript GT

GoldenSpike (file size = 1.1 GB)

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  • Al

    How do work the fields and buy fields and a farm I am 72 years old and a bit slow to learn, so some help would be good. Best Regards Big Al , England….

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