Here’s a converted Grimme GL420 from me.
Since this mod was spontaneous and not much was done, I make the outside of the FBM mods available.
I have just installed one of the liquid fertilizer tanks of the GL860 Compacta on the GL420 and all the necessary entries
made, so that fertilizes them directly when planting.

In addition, there were other schemes. Unfortunately, I had to do without the installation DH, due to the lack of suitable hoses.
I hope that one or the other has pleasure in the machine.

Further information:
Purchase price: 20,000 €
Maintenance: 30 € / day
Capacity: 3000 l seeds / potatoes
500 l liquid fertilizer
Power requirement: 150 hp
Working speed: 12 km / h
Working width: 3m
Latest patch needed

Credits: Giants Software GMBH
Idee und Umbau: Bonecrusher6
Publisher: Forbidden Mods

FS17_GrimmeGL420_BC6 (file size = 12 MB)

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