H. VAN OOSTEN – TSA 30000 V1.0

Original TSA 30000.
FillTypes: Liquid Manure, Digestate, Water, Fuel, Milk

Licence plate with the text Eemhuus Farming

Credits: Giants, NLD Farmers

VanOosten_TSA_30000 (file size = 9 KB)

One comment

  • Well un be known to me, I guess someone modded this to add support for Fuel. I now have it full, and can not figure out any way to get the fuel out. I pulled vehicles up beside it, parked my mobile fuel tank beside it, all tankers have vehicles hooked up to them. The ere is no “R” to start refueling, no unload command, simple nothing in any of the menus.

    Mod name – H. van Osten tsa 30000

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