HELVETIA Map v1.0.2.1

– Vapore shaders removed from ships.

v 1.0.2:
ChabisAschi terrain level adjusted.
Fixed damaged fruit texture. (Sorghum)
Trailer at the quarry, height corrected.
Texture labeling added to the landscaping tool. (Thanks to [hot] derElky)
UFA renamed Agro HandelsAG.
“DensityMapHeight” level adjusted to field 1 + 2. (over 255m)
Gate speeds adjusted. (better compatibility with CP and AD)
Fixed texture errors on grill cart.
“ShadowMap” fixed at CA and Denner levels.
“TraschSpot04” fixed at LGB.
Electric locomotive light added, pantograph fixed.
Both locomotives are set louder.
HKW bale trigger moved and icons set.
Various “Collision” forklifts fixed.
ZRA “blacksmoke-emiter-mesh” and hotspot fixed.
Beads: Fixed floating houses.
Renamed horse trade. Cornhub confusion!
Airplane set a little quieter.
More dirt roads, new traffic sign.
AI traffic independent speed and CH vehicle signs installed.
Light built into ships.
Labeled train reloading silos.
Branded Multifruit Harvesters. (Better recognition in the shop.)
Port tugs beefed up.
Chickens adoption built into slaughterhouse.
“No depth map available” fixed.
Urea solution renamed AdBlue. (No detection in the GC)
Renamed diesel to biodiesel. (No detection in the GC)
Level crossings improved.
Increased silo capacity.

v 1.0.1: Release
New x4 card with Swiss flair.
The site is based on the Canton of Bern.
From the Jura ranges over the almost flat Middle Land with its lakes and rivers and the hilly Emmental to the Alps.
The division of the city and the villages is freely put together and has no right to be correct.
There is no start farm, the idea is that you work your way up to a large farmer with your own farm and the right amount of land.
The fields were specially limited to about one hectare so that every future farmer can plow his fields himself to the right size.
We tested the card in SP and MP mode and could no longer find any significant errors.
In the city of Bern there are a few performance-intensive places (which are due to the number of objects in these places) but these should not matter.
The card has Multifruit and is equipped with its own Multifruit harvesting machines, so no other Multifruit harvesting machines should be added as a Mod, otherwise script complications can result.
AI traffic cannot be switched off.
There are a few GC productions for fans of pallets and an industrial feel.
Seasonmod is possible but was not specially designed for it.
Download and support is only possible here – >> Forum FBM (Forbidden-Mods.de)
Support is only available from FBM in the – >> support threa
Publications and uploading to other portals are expressly prohibited.

V1.0.1 / 07/20/20
V1.0.2 / 08/15/20
V1.0.2.1 / 09/13/20

Required Mod`s:
Livestock Trailer Addon: ModHub
HoT Animated Object Extend: Forum HoT online team
We are of course grateful for any advice on improvements.
Please understand that there can be no support via PN.

LS19_Helvetia(1 GB)

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