Big Hills Train Edition

Rebuild the Saegewerk more fences
Added a Fabrik for EmptyPallet in the Saegewerk space
Change the capacity of wagons 200000 capacity now
Added a point sell for Emptypallet at the FreightYard
EmptyPallets 1.422€
Boardwood 948€

Rebuild the Farm and added a new Trigger for Seeds and Fertilizer
RailRoad have more Trees and Pin more fun
Added Stones from Ls17 and a Castle from Ls11
Futtermischer and Silage Silo added
Change the TrainStation at the Spinnery
Rebuild the Bakery more fences
Added more Trees and objects and many more have fun

Added a Train all around the map
You a Point off Sellwood
Hotel sellpoint
Grain Mill Sell point
Building for unloading point
if you do not like please dont put the negative comments have fun and see you soon
Ps (I forget one tree in the air sorry)

Credits: Model: Giants
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake
Other: Thanks for all modders for the objects in the map


Big_Hills_Mapa (file size = 709 MB)

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