Hi and welcome to Hobbs Farm V1.6.0.6
Made for big kit roadtrains and industrial sized farming. Hobbs Farm features 14 Medium to Very Large fields.
2 unloading points and 2 loading points on the farm each with very large capacities (the combined total shows in your storage)
The farm has a main garage with office and workshop there are 2 BGAs plenty of large silage silos including two Very High capacity closed end bunkers of over 15 million ltrs each as well as 4 American style closed end bunkers with their own parking and garage

with Forestry there is a Large managed forest in the SE as well as a smaller forest in the North west, you can sell to the train and send it or sell in the log pond.
The download also comes with 2 trucks and 2 trailers (the HFE truck is a starting vehicle) CCM mod (you can make pig food in the bunkers) and a chaser (auger) trailer that can carry it. The animation map trigger is also included.
There is a full basketball court and a few hoop around the place.
Hope you have fun, Happy farming

Credits: Map design by Hobgoblin
Converted to 17 By Albert

Made By Hobgoblin with lots of help from Arie, Wesley, Keith, Aaron, Vaughn, Albert and Donyboi.
Without the team there is no Hobbs Farm.

Help, bug finding and ideas have come from many people far too many to mention but I am extremely grateful to the members of the Hobbs Farm facebook group ( facebook.com/groups/hobbsfarm ) for all their efforts to help us make the map better. The V1 release was not as ready to go as we believed at the time and V1.6 still wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for their attention to detail and the friendly messages to point out what we had missed lol
Thanks to the Hobbs Farm team and the extended team. You guys and girls rock.


Hobbs_Farm_V1.6.0.6_Unzip_me  (file size = 732 MB)


  • Overgiver

    Since update 1.4 the sawmill from Marhu does not work have updated the sawmill mod twice but it only produces woodchips nd not boards please help

  • P

    I can only find 98 gold nuggets. I am unable to find all 100. Could you please advise where they all are or update so it shows all 100 nuggets?

  • Jonathan

    Can’t get cows water. The water trigger dosen’t work at the cow farm.

  • Jonathan

    Bunk silo cover does not come off after opening both sides up. Can only get a little bit of silage out of it.

    • Jonathan

      Using a mod to delete the silage there is definitely a major bug with the silo. No silage is available as it is all still covered up after fermentation is complete.

  • Steve

    Agree with everything Jonathan says, great map needs just s few tweaks
    The Pud

  • Jonathan

    I like the map too. Also this is the most major bug yet. After filling the main farm silo with Barley and other various grains. I go to save the game, exit out, and when I come back in the silo resets back to default amounts that were in the silo when the game was first started.

    So frustrating I have to delete the map. When the 1.7 version comes out “Hopefully” I will try again. Its a great map otherwise. Love the big fields.

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