Here my second modvorstellung
I have the map o1 gold crest valley changed the court’s something I jump joyful have the pigs added namely the now courtyard in the middle of the sheep I have also moved closer and the cows are also there me have the long journeys always disturbed a few halls can refuel I deleted from the defaultVehicles and in return put a maschinenhalle is now in the yard water is there and can be configured the vehicles hof on which the house I found ugly

and had to leave the smoking from chimney remained I have the map thoroughly tested online trigger function all the bGA was also filled just like the bunker of the cows animals were all bought and tested if everything goes the gate from the chickens was taken to and from the pigs and behold chickens and pigs running drausen rum cows and sheep are also on when there times one can end up with the race again flaxen vehicles drive out back is set in the yard makes it just not with full trailers which are then empty
log errors

Credits: Giants
Idee / Konzept: NRWPeet


hof_rennsemmel (file size = 530 MB)

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