Seeding complex HORSCH Pronto DC 15 v1.1 for Farming Simulator 17.
The cost of the seeder in the game, €: 149000
Service seeders, €/day: 150

The hopper volume for seed: 7500 litres
The volume of a bunker for fertilizer: 2500 litres
The working width of the sowing, m: 15
Tested in game version 1.4.4

Credits: GIANTS Software, Rubberduck

Horsch_Pronto15m (file size = 3 MB)


  • Scott

    This mod has a slight bug in it that I wish you could fix. The animation for the dirt being turned up and flying around is still there when even when the mod is in its raised position and even in its folded position with dirt flying all around while driving around on roads or wherever. Can you make it so that the tilling and planting animation is turned off when not actually sowing?

  • Scott

    I see you still have not fixed the dirt being turned over even when the sower is folded up. I’m using FS version and when driving down the road with the sower folded up and raised off the ground it still gives the effect that the dirt is being turned up where the sower would be if it were unfolded and lowered into the sowing position. Maybe you should upgrade your FS version 1.4.4 to the current version and test it. It also has a heavy drag on the tracker while driving down the road as well an if you let off the throttle it’s like you just applied the brakes an it stops really really quick. There has to be some way that you can make it turn off all that stuff when not sowing like all the other sowing machines do!

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