Version 1.3

Tarpaulin Design Can no longer be switched on
– Objectattacher installed now also holds vehicles
– Tire selection added

Here I have a beautiful Humbaur Trailer for you.
I made the pendant from LS13 for ls 17 finished.
The Urmodder’m not I but Pedeo. Unfortunately I could not get to ask for permission to question him.
He should contact me Fals he sees it please.

So now for the mod.
-LS17 lighting
-Spanngurte faded
-Planken And the tarp can be opened. Planks have Collision.

Blanke Links Open / Close: numpad 7
Blanke law Open / Close: numpad 9
Blanke back Open / Close: numpad 8
Plane Links Open / Close: ALT + Numpad 7
Plane Right Open / Close: ALT + Numpad 9
Plane back Open / Close: ALT + numpad 8

Credits: Modell: Pedeo
Textur: Pedeo
Script: Gaints/Sven777b
Idee / Konzept:
Sonstige: Ingame LS17: Freakyman/ Feuerlocke68


humbaur_bitte_entpac (file size = 11 MB)

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