Islands LS17
Hello community … now it’s time the Islands is back. Much as usual and much is new.
What’s New?
Light Switch Pack – Niggels
Sawmill – kevink98
Palette Script – Marhu
Factory Script – Marhu
BGA silo – Baue3rR

You can in almost all halls and shelters manually turn light and switch off again. Also, a workshop is installed in the can you illuminate the vehicle from below and configure. You have at the beginning rather small devices that map, however suitable and intended for medium to large-scale facilities. A meadow near the cowshed also belongs to you, which is düngbar and usually does not need to be plowed.
Trains to themselves are not used! Since I am a Forstfan nachwievor this part is again very strong.
Missions that you can do in the game are of course available … unfortunately the other farmers do not have much experience with the cultivation, so that they are not happy times gone over the edge or to ran … But if the fields in your possession are can you make it so better: D
The boards pallets are automatically collected and if you do not collect automatically sold.
All trees are naturally again precipitated and you can change your country at will.
Now I wish you much fun with the map (the LOG error free running) !!
For suggestions I am always interested … and expect a message via PM.

Credits: Redi90


Islands  (file size = 475 MB)

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