This is Version two of the American edited John Deere 7800 I (Ross W.) made a few months ago. Many many things have been changed since then. I was originally given permission from the original creator, Sotillo, to release this edit. So here is what’s new with version 2:

Cab has been reworked with extended mirrors and proper front lights, along with correct turn signals now
New wheels have been added
New Front Axle
Upper 3-Point arm now available
Pivoting front axle
A rearview mirror has now been added to the cab
This tractor is now a true 2wd, which means the front wheels do not move like a 4wd. Drive up to a wall and the front wheels will stop rolling, as the back ones dig into the ground
New mudguards and step
The triangle on the back has now been re-textured to the old warning triangle, red and white
The tractor now throws smoke when being started
Passenger script has been added
The decal stripe is now correct to what a 7800 decal stripe is. I re-textured the stripe from a John Deere 8970 mod
Various parts have been removed such as the toolbox and a few other things

I may have forgotten some things, but that’s the majority of things changed. Here’s some information on the tractor

Recreated to look like my grandfather’s (Ross W.) 7800
This is a 1994 model
The price is $40,000
Duals are selectable
Front loader is now selectable without an error

I hope everybody enjoys this new version of the American 7800. Happy Farming!

Credits: Original mod: Sotillo
American edit version 1 and 2: Ross W.
Sounds: Ross W.
FS15 to FS17 conversion of the original mod:
Rear rims and dual rims modeled by: Techmod
Tires and various other little parts by: Knagsted
Pivoting Axle: JoNo
If I left anyone out let me know

FS17_JD7800NEW  (file size = 84 MB)

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