JOHN DEERE 8000 & 8010 V2.0

5 engines to chose: 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8410 Real power, torque, fuel consumption,

integrated gearbox 16+4 This is edited version of John Deere 8400/8410 (Version:

Credits: VASILISVASILIS31 & Jukka & dj0000ro


JohnDeere8000_8010 (file size = 24 MB)

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  • todd

    I used to love this tractor in LS15 because it was one of the few mods with realistic width tires. I tried this version, but like so many others it looks like a monster truck. I know that many modders are from Europe where terra tires may be more common, and the kids like huge tires and want their tractors to look like monster trucks, but not every single machine needs to have them. You guys could just use the in game tires as a reference for a standard at least, then offer wide, and dual, etc.

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