I take no credit for making this mod and i’m not going to take any credit for the editing i did to it to fix it either. this mod has both the sprayer and dry box and is working great. the character needs a little work and the lights need done but it does have beacons.

everything thing else works very well for me. feel free to edit as you see fit. oh this is basic mod no ic on it.

Credits: Original according to modDesc

Smith Modding

Edited by

me, it doesn’t matter, i’m just happy to share with the community no matter what kind of comments are received afterwards and no matter what kind of hack jobs are done afterwards.


FS17_JDR4045 (file size = 32 MB)

One comment

  • Canbad

    OK so first of all a liquid fertilizer sprayer should be able to be filled with liquid fertilizer which this does not it only takes solid the sprayer and spreader attachments spawned upside down sprayer fixed with a reset but spreader fell though the map each time i reset it and their doesn’t seem to be any collision on the sprayer or tractor and it cant be hired
    PS 500 grand for all the pieces? WTF

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