Great pack which includes 6 trucks KAMAZ and trailers:
55111 truck, 45143, 65117 grain,
Milk 53215, 43118 timber, 54115 tractor
All trucks working instrument panel and lighting fixtures.
Working mirrors.

Animated suspension and mud flaps.
Good physics.
Carrying all the culture available in the game, as well as water and milk.
The cost\service:
55111-88480€\17€ per day
45143-62000€\16€ per day
65117-99800€\18€ per day
53215-62000€\17€ per day
43118-88480€\17€ per day
54115-54020€\€ 11 a day
Trailer-grain-20620€\10€ per day
Trailer-PSV 10-21 timber-18150€\10€ per day
Trailer barrel (tanker)-18000€\€ 11 a day
Trailer NefAZ 8560-19200€\10€ per day
Semi-trailer NefAZ 9334-20-16 22100€\10€ per day
Trailer PSV-14 (timber)-19800€\10€ per day

Credits: Eraevgenij. Envelope Oleg. Alex44Rus


FS_17_KAMAZ_PACK_V_1 (file size = 160 MB)

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