Here I have for you the reapers for the crown BigX. It harvest rates have been revised. Furthermore, the prices have been adjusted.

In another Mod is also the crown BigX 480-630 and 700-1100, and from me.
Easy Flow 300 – 25 km / h
Easy Collect 1053 – 15 km / h

Easy Collect 600 – 15 km / h
XDisc 620 – 20 km / h
130FB – 12 km / h

The Mod ran flawlessly for me. Should at any of you show error, please me share this with.
For criticism I have. But please constructively and objectively.

And now I wish much fun with the mod

Credits: Landei


FS17_kroneBigX_Schneidwerke_Landei (file size = 12 MB)

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