In Lauchringen and surroundings you can find a Kuhhof, Getreidehof, sawmill, grass drying plant, pig farm, BGA, breeders and butchers. more than 30 fields 90% Buyable.

Version 1.1
– Chopped Straw installed
– Grit drying equipment and pig chopping machine can now be loaded by trailer.
– Flying balloon and birds installed.

– Existing savegame can be accepted.

The Kuhhof is the largest yard with many halls and ball hall. There are about 200m from Kuhhof removed a grass, hay, straw. Fertilizer and seed triggers are installed on the farm.
When pig farm you can do with the machine swill from wheat / barley / corn. Water is available at each Hydrannt or fountain. Reset vehicles in the yard.
Straw for the animals you have to sprinkle the feed trough.
The cars drive faster than normal. Pay attention to the road.
All properties (LS15 / 17) find free and can be downloaded from various websites. So nothing is stolen.
I wish you much fun on the Map. your TuneWar

Credits: TuneWar


Lauchringen_v1 (file size = 530 MB)

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