As in FS15 here as well the Liebherr L538 incl. AllWheelSteering (and more, see bellow) in the fashionable blue of the AG NilNomen. This little Powerhouse got an updated Engine with a max of 413bhp at 1600RPM and a max RPM of 2200.

With the AllWheelSteering the turn radius is small and it is easy to drive, especially for keyboard players. But that is not all. This time the L538 also got a complete crabsteering, the modes are:

Front-wheel Steering
Back-wheel Steering
Crabsteering left
Crabsteering right

You can change between the modes with CTRL+Z. Alle modes are displayed correctly in the Help-menu apart of the back-wheel steering.
Have fun!

Credits: Giants, LSModding


fs17_liebherr_l538_aws (file size = 15 MB)


  • oscarvonbj

    good work man,ths is what ppl realy need since v.2015

  • oscarvonbj

    fun part is,this mod doesn’t running in v.2017

  • oscarvonbj

    you might like to change her name to “v1″ something,but never that”-1″,game felt hard to identify,alright?realy good work,again

    • LSModding

      Works perfectly for me in LS17, given the fact that it is the original L538 from Giants that comes with the game, just modified the engine values, disabled the articulated steering and swapped it for the AWS. You are the only person out of over a thousand claiming that it doesn’t run on LS17. So maybe you want to check your setup rather than claiming it doesn’t run on LS17.

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