Tiene versiones Tres mapa (2013, 2015, 2017).

Modified BGA due to silos bugs that were not recognized by the game. The silo number 5 has been moved and expanded to a size of 5x. Increased capacity of liquid manure tank
Created door in the BGA that communicates with the area of the cows and sheep.
Replaced sliding barriers by double bar barriers.

Pending for the next update of more errors, they are working on them.
If they find a bug, report it by private message
Thank you very much and enjoy it.

En Esta versión de 2017 ha estado de Tratando Obtener la Estructura de los Campos, Que Un Poco Más Pequeña
Los AGRICULTORES ONU parrafo Poner las Emisiones.
Este pecado primera versión detelles MUCHOS Tiene salón, whichwill Ser incluido En Una versión futura.
Los Errores en el mapa Tienen Mediante el USO de Objetos de Diferentes Versiones de farmimg.

Credits: Lobezno y Libre


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