Fixed animal hotspots and roads in town
This Mallydam Farm its a large farm lots of feilds.

It has all the animals pigs, sheep, cows and logging.
There are large fields so lots of work to do.
A large map lots of fields and all animals check out my youtube channel for a map tour

Credits: nick sharp


MallydamFarm   (file size = 775 MB)


  • Steve

    Hi Guys,
    The map look great but does not appear when creating a new savegame.
    Please advise.

    Regards Pudnucker

  • m greenwood

    Hi there , you might have to open the zip file folder of the map . if there are more zip files inside the folder then you will have to copy the individual zip files direct into your mods folder . this should bring up your map in your new savegame menu

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