MAN HKL 10X10 V2.5

Correction 2.5
Adjusted suspension
Adjusted camera
Fixed diferential
Add attcher PTO
New attacher

File reduced
Correction 2.0
Whells Fxed position
Speedometer and tachometer fixed
Animation dashboard fixed
Man HKL 10×10
The choice of engine
Power – 360/500/550 hp
Color selection
The choice of wheels
Choosing color wheel discs
tow hitch
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable

Credits: Modtest


FS17_MAN_TGS_HKL_10x10 (file size = 39 MB)


  • Sergio

    Disponible para ps4

  • Dean

    This is the BEST Truck in the game!!!!!! thankyou Modtest

    Best suspension and all wheels driving …..very very nice

    Is it possible to make this 10×10 MAN Truck so it has a “5th wheel Semi Truck Hitch” so that it can take semi trailers?
    The hitch needs to move back and forward and up and down to fit different semi trailers

    Or maybe an IT attachment that has “5th wheel Semi Truck Hitch”?

    This would be awesome

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