MAN ITRUNNER pack by Ap0lLo

Uploaded by Ap0lLo

The pack includes:
MAN 4 axles
MAN 3 axles
MAN tractor
Engine Selection
Power – 320/480/550 hp
Lighting technology

Speedometer and tachometer
Animation of the instrument panel
Color selection
Wheel selection
Choice of color wheels
Design selection
Dust and tracks from the wheels
Dirt / washable
Also included is:
ITRunner Trailer
ITRunner SemiTrailer
2 achs dolly
Bergmann HT50
All containers from the original ITRunner pack , except for wood and bales
Für alle meine HKL Freunde, ich arbeite an einer Lösung wie man den HKL Truck Dedi tauglich macht.
An alle meine Hater, ihr werdet meine Trucks immer wieder Online finden!
Mit den Besten grüßen aus dem Norden, Ap0lLo

Credits: Ap0lLo

FS17_ITRUNNER_PACK_by_Ap0lLo (file size = 137 MB)

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