After a long Time, here is my first own big Mod in the first Version! It is an MAN TGS 18.480 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher on the Back and a Ponsse Crane.

Version 1.1
– Support feet added. These have their own blinkers and a separate control group. Switch on these and then extend the feet to the desired setting.
– Shop description adapted

– Switch on the truck replaced by switching on the chopper
– The problem with the pipe will not be solved. It folds to the side it is on. As a result, it can pass through the crane when folded. However, does not cause any problems because it has no collision.
– First crane boom can be slightly higher. Unfortunately it does not go on. In my tests, I was able to bring all the tree trunks without problems to the chopper!
– minor bug fixes

Please notice: this is not a reality Mod or something like that! I don’t know if this Vehicle is exsisting in real or not. I don’t care, it is more a Fun-Mod! If you don’t like it, just do not download it.

What is working so far:
– Woodcrusher works withour any Problems
– Fold and Unfold Table is working
– Pipe is working
– Cranecontrol is working
– Trailers can stiill be used with the additional Hitch
– Colorpick for both Truck and Woodcrusher
– Shopgraphics included
– Controlgroups for Crane/Pipe/Support Legs
– Truck can drive without problems, but care! It is really heavy, don’t drive to fast!

And the most Important: The Log is Error-Free!

What is NOT working and planned:
– Support-Legs come with next Version! This is a first Version to test it!
– Store-Description is still the Truck, it will be changed
– Pipe is unfolding to the wrong direction
– Crane does not have Drive-Locking, it is planned!

Credits: Giants / Endless Dark


FS17_man_jenzhem583fdjjj (file size = 37 MB)

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