MAN TGS 18400-26640 V1.1

Here I have for you the MAN TGS-18.400. It can be purchased in 3 versions in the shop:
• 2 axles
• 3 axles
• 3 axles with steering 2nd axis

It is available in the following engine versions:

• 400 hp
• 440 hp
• 480 hp
• 540 hp
• 580 hp
• 640 hp

The height-adjustable saddle plate was installed by gnescher. Changed or added front brackets, lamp brackets with lamps, other exhaust, side lights etc.

The Mod ran with me error-free. If any of you show any errors, please let me know.
For criticism I am to have. But please constructive and objective.
Now I wish you much fun with the Mod!
Greeting Landei

Credits: Landei


FS17_MAN_TGS18400_Landei (file size = 52 MB)

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