Tagchen. On request or out of personal interest I have here the MAN TGX 8×8 with the HVAC system for the ITRunner.

Vehicle Info Version 1:
Chassis: MAN TGS 8×8
Construction: HVAC system (for ITRunner)
Sale price: € 189,500
Daily cost: € 390

Speed: 80km / h
Engine performance: 360HP, 460HP, 580PS
Fuel tank capacity: 400 liters

Special Version 1:
Selectable colors for cabin + hydraulic cylinders and wheels
Selectable Motor Services
Optional Trailer coupling
Various Frontguard
Selectable tires (road / Agriculture / terrain tires with different rims)
Work light to the front and to the sides
Fully Animated HVAC System
Adaptive Headlights
License Plate
Animated driveshafts
Animated outriggers rear (only for decoration)
Animated fittings (including current transition: D / N / R)
Hinterste axis is directed (except for road tires)

Credits: Modell: GIANTS, Cougii,
Texturen: GIANTS, Cougii
Tester Singleplayer: Cougii
Tester Multiplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii
In diesem Mod wurden Bauteile von freak36558 verbaut:


MAN_TGS_HKL_8x8_V1 (file size = 47 MB)

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