Here I started a map to build but since I do not have much time, I just upload it.
If you like it closely would be the thing for him.
And he can build it on.
LG and much fun.

Credits: Niggels, VertexDezign, Farm Team Franken, Desperados93, Schauppi, Sirjoki80, thejohndeere7930, fendt927power,
steffen30muc, diemoddingecke, GSI Flasch, NKB-modding, The Thoboliker, Freak2009 and all other modders have objects which I used!
A huge large thanks to all my donors in random order!
Saschi, Audi driver Major_Fuchs, SimuFreunde, Schwarzwaldbuab, Janny, Volker Racho, Tobias Kriebel, KroneLDrengeN,
McMuffyFluffy, I love Fendt, Patrick Vogel, Lindner Unitrac fan, Zynios, Arno Roffler chuck bomb, John fendt936 TM,
This A Other, AlexLS, SirJoki80, DADA, agricultural technology Waldbrunn, Matti1607, THE HERCULES, LsFarmer Tom, The Bachl, Fabian Siller,
The Modding corner Leexo, M4tr1x


map4 (file size = 857 MB)

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