– tracks from under the wheels
– the choice of the color of the rims
– bent wheels
– full lighting
– movable shaft Wom
– tip when filling

– sounds
– slurry animation
– dirty
– possibility of hiring an employee
– clean log
– price: $ 15,300
– Daily cost: $ 25
– working width 14 m
– power requirement: 90 hp
– max. Working speed 17 km / h
Do not change the Authors!
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Ban on any edition!
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This is a fully operational truck for Farminga 17.
The earlier version was under-developed and could be called Beta. In this version, everything has been improved and refined, among other things, texture, weight, etc. 🙂
We wish you a nice game!

Credits: Giants, Spinah, Lechu, Ziuta, ACR Mods

FS17_MeprozetPN90_6 (file size = 4 MB)

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