• ferkel

    no funktion, absoltutly shit

  • Scott

    I so wanted this to work too. it shows up in placeables but when you buy one there’s nothing on your cursor to place, please fix it.

  • Doug

    Same comment as Scott. It’s great to see people working on mods for FS17, but why don’t they thoroughly test them before uploading. I’ve already downloaded five different mods that don’t work.

  • HeinBlubber

    This is not the original from Marhu, The Fabrikscript is not yet converted. This is an upload of some bleeding noob joker who doesn’t know shit about Modding. Useless twat.

  • H3draut3r

    Error: Can’t load resource ‘C:/Users/Hedrauta/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/MischStation/Texturen/brand_Marhu.dds’.
    Error: Invalid placeable type ‘MischStation.MischStation’
    Error: Running LUA method ‘mouseEvent’.
    dataS/scripts/gui/PlacementScreen.lua:0: attempt to index field ‘placeable’ (a nil value)

    Maaaaan….. this is hazardous… do you even tried the mod?


    Ca ne fonctionne pas quand on veut faire l’achat pour le placer il n’y a rien. Va falloir revoir ça au plus vite car c’est bien utile. c dommage vraiment que ça fonctionne pas


    alors pas la peine de présenter des objets qui ne fonctionnent pas

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