MMZ Semi-trailer V 1.0

Added colysis, now you can transport bales, bags, etc. There are two bodies with the capacity of the first 9000t, the capacity of the second 20000t is changed by the bodywork on K. Z stands appear for the forest after it is still possible to fasten the straps to L.

Left-hand side front open. Ctrl + up arrow / close Ctrl + down arrow
Left side of the back open. Ctrl + arrow to the left / close Ctrl + right arrow
Starboard side front open. Ctrl + 7 (nupad) / closes Ctrl + 8 (nupad)
Starboard side rear open. Ctrl + 4 (nupad) / closes Ctrl + 5 (nupad)

Credits: TYOMATY, Maksim_93


FS_17_mmzPolupricep_by_TYOMATY  (file size = 12 MB)

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