This is the Hagenstedt Modified to LS17
In the Map you have Animals Forest
Fermenter silo for silage

Version 1.4
Fixed texture for the WoodBridge
Rebuild the Dairy now you can produce cheese and Hmilk
Added a Brauerei for production of Beer
Added a GreenHouse Place
Fabrik place Rebuild more mods added for production
Rolltor added in the Farm and many more
Hope you enjoy

Feed mixer Added for Forage
Added a factory Saegewerk
Point sell for Wood and Wood Chips and many more have fun

Credits: Texture: Giants
Script: Marhu Mikki
Idea / Concept: TheSnake


Hagenstedt_ModifiedKJ (file size = 635 MB)


  • Farmer

    Is my save game from V1.3 compatible whit V1.4

    • Kaj-Aage Henneberg

      I’m not the author, just a player using the map. I didn’t notice any problems going from 1.3 to 1.4 using the 1.3 save game. I did make a backup as i wasn’t sure.

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