MoreRealistic Gameplay mod balances some part of the game taking into account the moreRealistic game engine.

And so, “MoreRealistic Game Engine” mod is required before using this one.
Changes are related to starting vehicles for the 2 base maps, yields, prices, animals, bales, fertilizer/manure usage, seeding rate, silage and even how fast vehicles become dirty.
You can modify all values by yourself to suit your own gameplay style. You can find them in the mod’s “data” folder. (only xml files, no script)
Moreover, if you are a map maker, you can also embed within a “map mod” some of the xml settings files to better simulate typical part of the area covered by the map. (Example : smaller yields, different seeds consumption, crops prices…)
Please read the content of the “HELPMODDING” folder for more info.

Credits: Dural

FS17_moreRealisticGameplay (file size = 33 KB)

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