The converted mountain goat II from LS 15 is really a conversion monster, but since I promised many fans to publish the Christmas holidays, I do.

Important to start:
She is still in Betastatus …
It is currently equipped with LS 17 standard settings
She is currently writing a warning that is not affecting the game

The standard front loader tools can be used – but I personally ask other modders to make a suitable front loader (X – Scale 1.2)
If the warning rausbekommt and help me, gets a biscuit: P

It will be patched by me in the coming weeks again as it had adopted with v1.3.1 of LS 15. Only currently I have many projects on the run which made the final status of the mountain goats impossible.

The prototype II type D has 660 HP and was the most powerful forest tractor in LS 15 at that time.

What has changed?
Standard light script (no main light, no adaptive curve light, no LED interior light)
Minor errors in decals
Warning lights are still missing (LS 17 denies the function)

NEW – Protoyp II Type E with 680 HP can be upgraded for a supplement of 20,000 €
At the same time, however, the entertainment costs increase by € 40

NEW – Protoyp II Type F with 700 HP can be upgraded for an additional payment of 40,000 €
However, the entertainment costs are rising by € 80.

Short and concise, this time …

Learn more about updates, patches, mods ,:
I would be very happy if you will visit me here.
Here you can get just about everything you might be interested in. From xx, about mods to mods, to mods of other mods.
I would be very happy if you will visit me here.

Important to the end:
There are actually three more conversions of mine planned, because my focus is currently on World of Warships, as well as streamer, it is not possible to predict when a release will take place.

Finally, I would like to thank all who have supported me so far and with all others who want to support me.
In this sense – Merry Christmas!

Credits: Giants/Shoebeck


FS17_Bergziege_Prototyp_II (file size = 23 MB)

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