Dural had a decent start of a test map in his google drive with a big hill and a script to give you money, but I needed something more suited to testing out mods after making repeated changes with ready access to everything. With his permission, I edited his map on there and am uploading it here.

The map doesn’t have a lot, it loads quick and was made for testing out MR conversions, or possibly any new mod creation. I hope it helps y’all.

Animals are close and you start with slurry and manure.
There are triggers for loading water and fertilizer.
Silo starts with 100K Liters of each crop type.
There are a variety of fields, a few test plots right next to the shop, and also one of each harvastable crop nearby.
There are a few trees for testing out logging.
There is a sell point for woodchips, logs, and all the fruits, if you need them.
There is a small grassy – hilly area for testing out grass working equipment, the rest of the map is flat, aside from Dural’s hill/racetrack that I left.
There is a store with some bales ready for testing bale trailers.
I added milk fill and sell triggers if you want to test a milk trailer.
Also, the map has chopped straw added for any testing possibilities with that mod.

Now, get out there and make more conversions for MR!
If you like MR, consider this.

Instructions for MR conversions.
If you need help with a MR mod conversion, post in this thread.

Credits: Flatlander84

MrTestMap  (File size: 254 MB)

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