Muething Mulcher MU-Farmer F / H

The Mulcher, already known from LS15, was revaluated to offer even more possibilities.

Color selection (complete palette)
Light package selectable (without, small light package, large light package incl. Warntafeln) -> for front or rear mounting
Functional selection -> Mowing (as a mulcher without swath storage + fertilization), cultivator, dough milling or roller function

Dynamic Hoses
Helper ready
For missions
New features compared to LS15:
All functions now configurable in the shop -> no longer everything active at the same time
Position lights, work lamps and warning signs
Rotation sound also for roller and cultivator
Basic model: namreh78
Attachments: Johni_6530, chrisu70
Script: Ifko [nator]
Dyn.Hoses Support: Zetor6245
Textures / ingaming / etc: HoFFi

Q: Why is there no fertilization when I mow meadows?
A: For this you have to activate “3 fertilizer levels”.

Q: The stubble cutter has no effect.
A: Like the original one, this cutter must be fine-tuned. Just try different angles.

Q: I want to use the mowing function like the normal (with swath).
A: For this you have to delete line 13 in grasmulcher.xml.

Credits: Grundmodell: namreh78
Anbauteile: Johni_6530, chrisu70
Script: Ifko[nator]
Dyn.Hoses Support: Zetor6245
Texturen/ingaming/etc: HoFFi

LS17_Muething_Mulcher_by_HoFFi  (file size = 6 MB)

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