This is a big pack.It contains all the mods needed for the 4x Multi Player Map I am working on. In my You Tube video I show what it comes with. It does incorporate Big Bud DLC. If you do not have the DLC some equipment will not be there. Most of the mods that come in the pack are made by me. 99% of them I have edited to work with the map.

Please keep in mind I am still playing the map and when I come across problems I will fix them. In my own time.
If people what to edit, change, destory, or make the mods purple I don’t care. If you see something that you want to change go ahead.
If you want to upload to another site thats fine to. All I ask is that you mention Dukefarming and my You Tube channel.
To install the pack unzip into your mods folder.

Credits: Dukefarming

Map Pack  (file size = 842 MB)

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