[V1.1] – Fixed lights on the mask, and working lights (both front and rear). – The steering wheel rotation angle which improved When viewed from the outside – The tractor’s center of mass has been improved (no longer tilting on the bends) – Improved braking power of the tractor (now braking faster) – IC marker color changed.

[V1.0] – Panel IC – Passenger mod – The door opened from the outside – The choice of wheels (wide, narrow, standard) – Selection of engine power (T7.170, T7.185, T7.200, T7. 210) – The choice between the weight and front attacher – Illuminated clocks and monitor – Moving the gas pedal, clutch and brake – Moving the joystick – Buyable FL console – Movable axis – Clean log

Credits: claas-1701


FS17_New_Holland_T7y (file size = 29 MB)

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