Version 1.7 Multifruit
Moin and happy new year I wish you.
Time for the first version with the following important innovations

– 4 new fruit varieties (hops, rye, oats and mixed cereals)
– Composter for the production of Compost

– Small bugs fixed
– Plate for pallet sale so you can see better where the pallets should be for sale.
Have fun on the new map version,

Happy new year and have fun with the new version of the North Frisian march mod map for the LS17.
The map is based on the North Frisian Marsch Map from LS15 (standard size)
Landscape: North German flatland map with ditches, windmills, dikes and small forests.
Fields: Ackerland 20 (Owned at the beginning 3) + 11 Grasfelder (All from the beginning)
Field missions are possible and there is a train for the bonus
The cows, chickens and pigs are housed at the main house
Better take-off fleet than normal
12 selling possibilities for the harvest like station, depot, Raiffeisen, grain port, grain trade, heating factory, pulp factory, sugar factory, oil factory, sawmill, bakery and a BGA for unloading by trailer
Further innovations
A compound feed factory for the production of power feed, power feed can be sold at Raiffeisen, or fed to the cows
New sawmill with production of wooden pallets which can be sold at the pallet sale
Stationary wood chopper to woodchips (woodchips) production
Milk can be sold seber (recommendation KotteUniversalPack)
Weighers are afforested for more wood-harvesting fun
Hotspots to all major map locations
Helpicons for LS novices
Cowshed with gates to open and close
Chopped straw mod fitted
From V1.6
Train at the train station to depart from Holz (bonus like grain train)
Ship at the port to depart from grain (bonus like grain train)
Pallet collectors for the boards and wool pallets
New road texture
Trenches are now overgrown
More decorative items
Small bug fixes and adjustments
From V1.7
4 new fruit varieties (hops, rye, oats and mixed triticale)
Composter for composting
Holsilo and Lagosilo
The green machines / straw halls at the yard slightly increased
KI traffic drives back on the road and not into the dyke
As always minor bug fixed
I wish you a lot of fun on the map and possible errors can be sent to me by e-mail.
Videos on the map can also be found on my Youtube channel “FedActionLetsPlay” There is the possibility when I play an LS 17 live stream online.
The map may be published but only with the use of the original download link on other pages.

Credits: Dani1803


NF_Marsch_endpacken  (file size = 846 MB)

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