The size of the map: 4096 * 4096
Animals: chickens, sheep, pigs, cows,
5 settlements: Novgorodovka, Tyagunovka, Malinovka, Lyzivka and Vyselki.

There are abandoned farms, but in every village there are silage pits and garages workers.
There is a large kolkhoz garden and the tract Kobelevka
There is a sale of bales, silage, grass and hay.
In the garden you have to work for “uncle”
It is advisable to put the mod of the seasons, for this you will need to change the texture of the plants.

Update as of August 23, 18:
– moved the trigger of the pigs moved to the marker, near
– Now the reception of bales in Mosolovka and Silos workers.

Credits: Farmerads

Novgorodovka (file size = 582 MB)

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